Are You Ready For Transformation In Your Life?

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What if you could have Transformation in your life? Get the situations and circumstances you really want...

What if you could experience a change in your life so powerful that you could have a literally a new relationship with your CoParent... a new relationship with your Kids... and a new relationship with Your Self?

What if you could, at any time you wanted, re-create yourself or your Previous Partner as a new person? This could be someone peaceful, someone fun to be around or someone who is an present parent... it really is your choice.

It's a not fantasy or some far-off dream. It's not only attainable, but it's what you can I can create together.

In a nutshell, we do this through Transformation. Transformation is taking something that doesn't work and creating something that does work.

How is this done?

It's done through transitions. Transitions are the steps you take towards transformation in a way where you work progressively towards an experience or outcome you are looking for. It might sound kinda scientific, but let me assure you that it's both easy and attainable.

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As cliche as it may sound, think of the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. The caterpillar goes through a literal physical transformation. It might feel predictable, but in a butterfly's lifetime they start out as a tiny caterpillar, helpless and eating anything it can to stay alive. Later in their life the cocoon forms and a beautiful butterfly emerges. That's an example of a total and natural transformation.

The difference between a butterfly and you is that you have a choice.

And choice is one of the main distinctions I use to determine the best way to bring about your personal Transformation.

I can take you from victimhood and create a confident coparent who isn't attached to an outcome, wants only good things to happen to their co-parent and create the life you want for yourself and your children.

This is done one-on-one, with a friend and mentor by your side.

Don't think there is anything "new" to learn? That's what they thought about the horse and buggy. Then the car. Then a rocket. Stick with me here...

It's About Personal Discovery

Any time you create, you discover new things.... Someone discovered a black, slick liquid that comes from the ground. Then someone figured out how to put that into a big, heavy vehicle and get it to move... really fast. First, it was a train. Then it was a car. Then it was a rocket. Now it's the norm.

At one time someone in a tribe had to keep the fires burning so thyme wouldn't go out. Then someone thought of a torch, a personal source of light and heat. Then someone created the lightbulb and now we have clean, low-cost fuel for our homes. Now it's the norm.

My point is that often times the most important things to us, the things that make the biggest impact on our lives, are hidden from view. It's only through discovery that we find what those blindspots are.

I am going to help you identify your blind spots and install some new “metal software” that is going to help you crush those conflicts.

We're not going to "fix" anything... because nothing is "broken".

What we are going to do is to create something new.

And when you create, you start from nothing. You see, when you start from nothing, you can create anything you want. This is one of the critical distinctions that I use in my Coaching.

What we will do, together, is create a simple, step-by-step series of things to do that will transform your relationship with your CoParent, Yourself and Your Children. Then, we'lltake On anything you want to change.

Why Choose To Work With Me?

My number one goal is your Transformation and my purpose in life is to help others.

I'm so confident that I'm going to be able to help you transform your life that I'm going to offer our first introductory session for free. If either of us don't feel like we're going to be a good fit, there is no cost out of your pocket. Yes, I'm that positive that we can create something awesome together.

I've worked in the space for over 22 years and bring both knowledge and experience to the table. As you know, knowledge mixed with experience is really wisdom. In my personal life, I came up with a Child Custody Agreement that I've used for over 14 years... I've never once go to Family Court or hired an attorney to set up a plan. The good news is that it's not only worked for everyone involved, but it was all done through language and accountability.

Need more proof? I don't blame you. Here's a few things I've done: I've authored a book called Custody Without Courts that provides a clear path to a lawyer-free Custody Agreement (I reveal exactly what I did to create my own custody agreement). I have a Podcast called CoParent Courage that gives tips and techniques on how to peacefully coparent. If reading is more your style I've published some articles on this website that talk about CoParenting at it's core.

I setup a Child Custody Agreement of our own making over 14 years ago… a “DIY” agreement if you will, that we still use successfully to this date. This is important to mention because it allowed us to not have to shell out a bunch of money to expensive attorneys and go to a slew of time-consuming court dates.

Fill out this form and let's connect now to get your CoParenting life handled.

About Thom

My name is Thom and I wrote the book "Custody Without Courts" after setting up my own Custody Agreement over 14 years ago. I live in Portland, Oregon with my Family and Co-Parent. For work, I do IT Administration for a Relationship Advice company and enjoy spending time with my kids. My Daughter is active in Music and Art and my Son plays Soccer and Basketball.

Thank you for being part of my journey. My greatest hope is that I help you with yours.

I also have a Podcast called "CoParent Courage" where I give insights into Co-Parenting and answer questions that listeners ask. Check it out here:

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